The Pen Mag is run by a crew only occasionally described as motley. 

Ruth Wishart is a journalist and broadcaster who pens columns for a variety of publications and looks after all the editorial content, writing some of the regular features and commissioning others. She is known as the nagger-in-chief when the contributing troops don’t file in time.

Rona Grierson is her co-editor and principal partner in crime. She is a senior executive with Breast Cancer Now in its Glasgow based Scottish operation. Rona deals with all the advertising in the magazine, both community and commercial, and provides all the information on local events and organisations. If you’re up to good, or no good, she’ll know.

Daryl Youden, who works for PerryGolf, takes care of the financial side of things, billing commercial advertisers and paying invoices. She felt obliged to take on this task having grasped how innumerate the other two were.

Graeme Provan, who runs the Orange Revamp graphic design company has been with the operation ever since its early print days. He has been an invaluable source of help and advice and manages to stay patient even when the editors display a quite extraordinary inability to grasp the basics of online editing.

We acquired several columnists who “volunteered” to share their skills with the readership. 

Sue Montgomery from Ardarden took over from Libby Gill, our original food writer, when the latter stood down. Sue, who has a young family, now shares her many family recipes in addition to giving us a witty glimpse of domestic life.

Our Bottled Pleasures page is penned alternately by two of the Peninsula’s musical stalwarts, Stephen Adam and Duncan Williams whose enthusiasm for music is matched by an appreciation of wine and a selfless ability to road test them for us. Such a noble sacrifice.

Arusha Irvine is another much valued contributor who, in addition to running Kilcreggan Antiques in Kilcreggan Village, is  a well kent face on BBC’s Antiques Road Trip. Her knowledge of the antique world is extensive, and her ability to impart it always a source of fascination. What she doesn’t know about the  world of antiques is yet to be discovered.

Christine Murdoch is one of the local ministers whose monthly musings not infrequently use some song lyrics as a peg for her thoughts. (Just as well because we don’t pay a penny for them.)  We suspect the fact that her man is a choir master is not unrelated to her extensive back catalogue.

Marion Hobbs has been press ganged into running our "supporters club" on the grounds that she knows her way round a spreadsheet better than anyone we know.
If folks agree to send a tenner to help keep the Pen Mag show on the road, Marion will give them our bank details, log their donation, and make sure they get to hear about the next issue in which we'll offer proper thanks.


Sadly our online crossword is no longer prize bearing, but we’ve left it in because we’re frightened the puzzles lobby might turn nasty.

These then are the main elements of the monthly Pen Mag. But the most important one is you, the readership. Without you, the rest of the operation. wouldn’t have much of a point!

And we’re always happy to include your contributions whether you want to write about your organisation, or just send us details of where it’s happening and when.

Enjoy your community Mag.